People indulge themselves in worry that’s needless and pointless, I’m a victim to that, laughing, crying, loosing great friends, I’ve done it all, been through a ridiculous amount with relationships, parents, depression, psychologists etc everyone knows because I’m the king of emotion. At the end of the day you can’t change who you are, no point in listening to negativity about any aspect about yourself, especially the way you look because you’re special just the way you are without anyone to judge, do what you want without caring what people think. Hold no grudges as it’s just pointless and life’s far too short. Live, Love, Learn.

Come back from Magaluf, easily the best week I’ve ever had in a long time to it all going mad between my dad and mum no change there, and seeing my dads relationship fall down with someone who he truly cares about, hay ho, I suppose that’s life at the end of the day, these things happen, just got to dust yourself off, stand up and be counted for, because everything happens for a reason and as much as you think it to be unfair and unjust at the time, in the future you will see the benefit.