I would just like to clear something up, that’s somehow been said about me, and someone thinks I’ll actually do this which I don’t like at all, and feel I need to clear it up.

I’m not confrontational at all, anyone you ask will say I’m the most laid back guy ever. I don’t want to and wouldn’t at all be confrontational to anyone no matter what, I wouldn’t argue about anything because it’s simply not worth it, it’s pathetic and just causes even more issues. I’m not annoyed or upset at all, I wouldn’t say anything or do anything to cause an issue because again it’s not worth it. No one should be scared to come out just because I’m out, nothing makes me feel so bad, It’s simply not worth it. I don’t want anyone to miss out because of me, yes the awkwardness will be there but thats easily cleared up and will have to be cleared up at some point.

Like I said in a drunken state the other night ‘I’m so happy’ so content with my life and I just want to get on with everyone, make everyone happy no matter what, life is far to short. I hope that this will give peace of mind, and I would like to apologise.